‘Now’ by Ian Barker

    I've not posted since January which is appalling even by my non-prolific blogging standards. I blame the PhD. There will be a resurgence of all kinds of creativity when that's done-or so I tell myself. In the meantime it's nice to publish a few poems written by other people like then below, written … Continue reading ‘Now’ by Ian Barker

Swift Turbulent Sketches

I have a postcard of this painting on my desk. Its dramatic use of the medium (oils) appeals to me: stormy but with turbulent light pushing and pulsing.  John Constable painted 'Rainstorm Over the Sea' between 1824-1828 from swift sketches he did on Brighton beach.  I like to think of the artist resting his sketchpad … Continue reading Swift Turbulent Sketches

Re-entry -after the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival

It's hard returning to earth when you have been roaming around in a different universe, hopping on and off stars and planets, having conversations you wouldn't have anywhere else, hearing voices that lift you off your feet and send you spinning. That would be you, Tony Hoagland, Kim Addonizio, Choman Hardy, among others. Yes, I'm … Continue reading Re-entry -after the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival

Direct and True

I was out walking just now listening to this podcast where Jackie Kay talks about Edwin Morgan and reads some of his poems.http://www.theguardian.com/books/audio/2013/mar/01/poetry-jackie-kay-edwin-morgan-podcast I'm a fan of Morgan and was interested to hear that some of his most passionate, urgent poems-for instance, those to lovers-were written when he was in his eighties. Jackie Kay reads … Continue reading Direct and True