I'm taking my habits to the Scottish highlands: the best of me, the worst of me.  I'll sit on a moor in the rain. I'll call it home.  Maybe I'll sleep out there too and the birds will wake me. No-one will find me . No-one will find me wanting. And if no-one wants me, [...]


  Legacy  (for B and G) Between the slug and the lettuce lies the shadow of our green-eyed monsters which, biting white china make tea dribble   circumnavigate the 'ch-' sound in chilli; cheese and onion but then, Proust, dead, would have died for our here and now,   seeing how, seeing how we can [...]


CBT*  1.   How many chimeras does it take to change a light-bulb? None. Chimeras don't do light-bulbs. The halo wattage of a half-imagined smile illuminates his kitchen.   What kind of food is a chimera? An egg-white omelette. What Shakespeare character? Banquo's ghost? Sexual Practice? Celibacy (selective) courtesy of Houdini: tie him up, he'll [...]

Reading Seamus Heaney in April sunshine

    Reading Seamus Heaney in the April sunshine   Even with the warm sun on my neck Even with the breeze Even with pale lily-pad green horse-chestnuts in Castle Park Even with the full flowering cherry Even with the mallards and their medieval snoods Even with my silver bangle Even with my turquoise cardigan [...]


They  They have stolen the certainty stamp from the local post-office. They have franked themselves all over with black ticks. They have never lain awake at 3am, chewing the inside of their cheek. The windows and doors of their houses retain the gleam of someone with arms folded who says: 'Told you so!' Their children [...]