The shadow-children’s birthing partner cracks under the strain

The shadow-children's birthing partner cracks under the strain It's an accomplishment, this slipping through the eye of a blade of glass, a grass pane crack, down a ginnel, past a church slime wall without looking up towards tonight's moon which is always full and extra weight deems you earthbound, your white moon belly with its [...]


Hotmail Upstairs in the post-offce at the bottom of Belfast High Street a woman hands out pound coins for thirty minutes online and a reguar cappucino. Her username's 'Ruby'. Her password's 'Daffodil1'. The egg-timer twirls after she logs on to Internet Explorer for an infuriating amount of time. If her husband had been with her [...]


hours he wandered out of the blue away from his shadow and the window-frames leaned in and the shadow stretched away inside that hour where last notes quivered above coffee in polystyrene cups and all the other hours became indigo, violet and you'd surely be rewarded for your waiting in the not-dawn of improbable light-beams, [...]


Poem for 20th April Ash-rise let's pretend we're alone in an empty house which came here in the Gothic season and that the house was not a facade but had dimensions and ghostly herds grazing in its passages behind which fortune lines seemed to ridge and light cringed from the sentence of elevators and stairwells, [...]


Poem for 16th April posted late Speck Green-gold bubbles in your Appletiser fuss around a black plastic straw. Another pub, another day in this uneasy life when you think you're dying; that your heart's giving in. Nothing reassures you: not the perfect ECG print-outs pinned to the notice-board not pulse-readings that are more than fine; [...]