Navigator I licked my finger, held it up, felt salt in the air, scented sea. Maps were misleading. Roads were blue, rivers crimson. There was a knack. I read it from the back, then found the city I knew, lights sparking along streets, night pitching its yawn against windows. Yes, I arrived, but not in…

The Fisherman’s Bride

The Fisherman’s Bride (after GMB) January. I hung a brass chain at my belly. He tugged it, spilt salt-water. February. He rowed me with tranced oars through star-dotted waves. March. He birthed me with his tongue, silver gouts of herring. April. Drunk, hollow-eyed, we took our skulls at dawn to a sweet green gap. May….

Song of the Pebble

Song of the Pebble (after George Mackay Brown) Said pebble to black tulip: ‘Whirl until you’re dark tatters, then die’. Said pebble to owl: ‘A chipped cry, a feathered face. Soon. Soon. Soon.’ The pebble spoke to a man drilling a hole in a wall. ‘Tea; breakfast cob. Tonight, draughts of ale; a long sleep’….


Beachcomber (after George Mackay Brown) Monday I found a high-heeled shoe. Weed slime and tan leather. I gave it back to the sea, to stumble in. Tuesday a head of hair. Next summer it will devastate the coastline. Wednesday a half-bottle of Absolut vodka. I washed my eyes. The sky was shiny with sea-birds and…


Fresher Not to mention your new relaxed sink into your real-self smile, skin blooms in the flash; hair’s grown four inches; or so it looks in that photo ( and when I saw you); body, a slink of the summer one. You seem content, sure, it couldn’t be better, well, what could be, this is…