Not a Suffragette Poem Exactly

  This is a photograph of sculptor Sean Hedges-Quinn's bronze statue of suffragette, Alice Hawkins, which was unveiled in Leicester's Market Square last Sunday. More than a thousand people turned out on a freezing afternoon for the unveiling to mark the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act. It was a rousing occasion with … Continue reading Not a Suffragette Poem Exactly

‘The Talking Cure’ – from first to final draft.

This post features my poem 'The Talking Cure', written in 2005. Here is the first version of the poem and comments made during the workshopping of the poem, compared with the final version, published in my prize-winning Smith/Doorstop pamphlet, Show Date and Time.     The poem begins as eight quatrains and ends up as five tercets. It … Continue reading ‘The Talking Cure’ – from first to final draft.

Chasing the Sun

Solstice Rituals The sun is returning even though it might seem that it's getting dark around 2pm. People of different cultures have long practised various rituals to welcome the sun such as the one practised by the Druids at Stonehenge, a place built within sightline of the solstice sunset. In Iceland, locals celebrate 'jólablót', a pagan … Continue reading Chasing the Sun

‘Now’ by Ian Barker

    I've not posted since January which is appalling even by my non-prolific blogging standards. I blame the PhD. There will be a resurgence of all kinds of creativity when that's done-or so I tell myself. In the meantime it's nice to publish a few poems written by other people like then below, written … Continue reading ‘Now’ by Ian Barker