#reverb 10 A defining moment from this year... Impossible to choose any one moment moments accumulate into events which heap into what was a skipful of has been somebody's smile warm hands a poem re-read, luminous hearing passion at the open-mic white wine and ice in three glasses a friend dying in planes, pretending and … Continue reading Impossible

Five-Minute Memories

Five-minute memories #reverb 10  Day 15 You only have 5 minutes to recall memories from last year before your memory goes-do so-now. The year: snowflakes in hair, wrong paths, fur coat, Toledo station, Aldeburgh, starburst rockets, black sky, black sea. Word! My son, smiling, making jokes, Gaughin's surprising early paintings in Tate Modern. Unexpected Weather, … Continue reading Five-Minute Memories

Hard Copy

I'm Day 13 following Ivory and Steve with #Reverb 10 posts  here: Hard Copy Year, like soap, softened, sweet-smelling, sometimes, like citrus,  snuffed candles' after-burn, hot wax, congealing. Year of wax. Year of hugs and hands. Year of hospitals, pills; the here and there of appointments. Christmas on the ward tree with gold baubles, young … Continue reading Hard Copy