My name is Pam Thompson. I’m a university lecturer and a freelance poet and I live in Leicester in the East Midlands, UK. My blog’s called ‘Heckle’ because I thought it would be a good working title for a collection -although I never used it.

‘heckle’-to shout at, answer back
‘heckle’-to comb out knots in flax

Arguably, both of the above definitions have some bearing on writing poems; poems as answers back, retorts; poems as attempted reckonings with ‘knots’ of thoughts and emotions in language.

My publications are ‘Spin’ (1998, Waldean Press), ‘Parting the Ghosts of Salt’, (2000, Redbeck Press), ‘Show Date and Time'(2006, SmithIDoorstop), ‘The Japan Quiz’ (2008, Redbeck Press). I am one of the organisers of Word! at The Y Theatre in Leicester, the longest running spoken word, open-mic night in the East Midlands.

I am process of updating this site to make it more of a web-site for the future work I am hoping to offer including readings, workshops, mentoring /critiquing services.

Watch this space!









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Day 28: Constructed Cities/Constructed Landscapes

After the photographs of Helen Saunders -from the exhibition -Elaine Miller and Mark Goodwin workshop 26/5/11 My notes reconstructed…   (You have two modes and you have to inhabit both-the straightforward and the fanciful.) Am a white cube in Phoenix Arts/ a mustard yellow box between car-parks and ring-road / outskirts of the city/ in […]

‘Now’ by Ian Barker

    I’ve not posted since January which is appalling even by my non-prolific blogging standards. I blame the PhD. There will be a resurgence of all kinds of creativity when that’s done-or so I tell myself. In the meantime it’s nice to publish a few poems written by other people like then below, written […]

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