A luminous skeleton anticipates Halloween

A luminous plastic skeleton anticipates Halloween Aaaaaaaagh! Shots will be a quid; cocktails less than three though I’ll shine after soaking up the rays from this stale electric sun I’m dangling from. En pointe in air, I have a double-jointed sideways sway; in fact, I’m almost dancing. This man swats unseen wasps. No, he’s playing [...]

The Telling

The Telling They had even bought the tar to tar the woman over and set fire to her but this was prevented’. ( male reaction to Shaker preacher Mary Ann Girling as reported in ‘England’s Lost England’ by Philip Hoare.) Better to assume the starry mantle of the woman clothed with the sun, to sign [...]

The Promised Land

The Promised Land for SR (apologies to Bruce Springsteen) We’ve all felt like that, itching for something to start, listening to a dream-song on the radio before a working day, wanting to explode, tear the whole damn world apart drive all night down a howling freeway, chasing the mirage until it settles like snow. They [...]

By drowning

By drowning 1. Can you hear that? He held the phone to the weather, I could hear a live broadcast of Spanish rain, could only imagine being marooned in that restaurant for two hours; sandals, by the end of the week, falling apart. 2. Enough. That mobile: its future. Well, the rain passed, heat resumed. [...]

A living statue looks out of her son’s bedroom window

A living statue looks out of her son’s bedroom window I do dryad-face; spindly: stilt walk, freeze, like in the Barcelona square: enticed folk to take photos with a dip, body sway, then saw them off with a fingernail jive. Nearly twenty, he stays in the small room where the PSP works better; shuns the [...]