A luminous skeleton anticipates Halloween

A luminous plastic skeleton anticipates Halloween Aaaaaaaagh! Shots will be a quid; cocktails less than three though I’ll shine after soaking up the rays from this stale electric sun I’m dangling from. En pointe in air, I have a double-jointed sideways sway; in fact, I’m almost dancing. This man swats unseen wasps. No, he’s playing … Continue reading A luminous skeleton anticipates Halloween

The Promised Land

The Promised Land for SR (apologies to Bruce Springsteen) We’ve all felt like that, itching for something to start, listening to a dream-song on the radio before a working day, wanting to explode, tear the whole damn world apart drive all night down a howling freeway, chasing the mirage until it settles like snow. They … Continue reading The Promised Land

Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones

Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones Your novella: You gave me a copy in the square near the Trevi Fountain. You made the back of my neck go tight. G- Spots. Some women, apparently, don’t have one. You didn’t believe in the existence of anything you couldn’t see. You’ve got to give if … Continue reading Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones

A living statue looks out of her son’s bedroom window

A living statue looks out of her son’s bedroom window I do dryad-face; spindly: stilt walk, freeze, like in the Barcelona square: enticed folk to take photos with a dip, body sway, then saw them off with a fingernail jive. Nearly twenty, he stays in the small room where the PSP works better; shuns the … Continue reading A living statue looks out of her son’s bedroom window

Metamorphoses: Midland Mainline

Metamorphoses: Midland Mainline First, I’m a novel by Michael Morpurgo barely held in the shaking hands of the woman in the waiting-room on Platform 2, then I’m one of two inked stars on the back of the neck of a bloke who’s running down the steps onto the same platform who asked attendants at the … Continue reading Metamorphoses: Midland Mainline