A, B, see?

A, B, see?

A is for alarum as in Shakespeare.

B is for Bricolage (Spanish shop).

C is for co-dependent. Swap?

D is for detonate, also de-tox.

E is elepantiaisis(which is not just water-retention).

F is for foraging-nuts, spare-parts.

G is for grandiosity.

H is for haruscipate. Fast f/wd.

I is for if.

J is for jaw; jowel.

L is for liminal. Lovely!

M is for meal-worm. Down- to- earth.

N is for nadir-the worst!

O is for operative.

P is for pay.

Q is for quality of life, existence, assurance.

R is for recidivism

S is for sox, skool, secks.

T is for transient.

U is for uvula.

V is for viole(n)t.

Wis for water-feature (see E)

X is for xenomancy (which is ‘divination using strangers, and, no, I don’t believe that either but I LOVE the idea of it!)

Y is for Yes!

Z is for zest.

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