A luminous skeleton anticipates Halloween

A luminous plastic skeleton anticipates Halloween


Shots will be a quid;

cocktails less than three though

I’ll shine after soaking up the rays

from this stale

electric sun I’m dangling from.

En pointe in air,

I have a double-jointed

sideways sway;

in fact, I’m almost dancing.

This man swats unseen wasps.

No, he’s playing ten-pin bowling-

(Wi-i is free)- on a wall-sized screen

to The Cure played loud.

My pelvis is fit to shimmer.

My skull is set to glow.

The rubber ghoul in a top-hat

raises his arms, see the punters’ shock!

Come Friday night, we’ll be back in a box

in the cellar, in a space still warm

from the hot round bodies of baubles.

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