Personal Eclipse

I love the way that today we shucked off routine and went outside to look at the sky. At De Montfort University, staff, students, passers-by stood looking through 'free with the Leicester Mercury' goggles, through 'phone cameras, through pinholes in card, through colanders ( thank you Brian Cox), and, for the students whose Law lecturer … Continue reading Personal Eclipse

The Art of Recklessness

It's been a strange sad few weeks. I'm about to re-enter so called 'normal' life but nothing's normal. I've re-evaluated many things. I can't tell you EXACTLY how, but I can tell you that I am even less tolerant now of the irrelevant, the petty, the boring, the inconsequential, the energy-sapping, the ego-driven, in all … Continue reading The Art of Recklessness

Drying Her Prayers

My amazing mum, Mildred, passed away on Thursday evening. I am so sad, and, in the midst of all the necessary bureaucratic acts, have been reflecting on my memories of her. She was my inspiration, an ex-State-Registered Nurse,then a Nursing Sister, bright, and even in her nineties, had a memory that put mine to shame. … Continue reading Drying Her Prayers

A Throw of the Dice-and it’s still January

It's the time of the year, isn't it, when January seems an endless tunnel -wind, rain tunnel - of grey. We are not yet quite mid-way through and I find myself yearning for spring, just the early promise of it when the air begins to soften and you can smell the earth breathing-yes, I think … Continue reading A Throw of the Dice-and it’s still January

Happy New Year and the resolutions are…

Happy New Year! I wish everyone a creative and safe 2015 and that your resolutions are full of, well, resolve. Mine on here are all poetry-based and the first is to write more posts on here. My blog statistics for 2014 tell me that I wrote one post all year! One post. I couldn't quite … Continue reading Happy New Year and the resolutions are…

In Defence of a Nightwatchman

I've had a few lapses with my writing a poem a day but maybe can catch up near the end of the month. I'm reading a few poets in translation at present and this poem is influenced by a poem by Dutch poet, Ester Naomi Perquin, 'In Defence of a Nightwatchman'. from her collection, 'Napkins … Continue reading In Defence of a Nightwatchman

Dewi Danur -Goddess of the Lake

Dewi Danu is a Balinese goddess who lives on Mount Batur and controls the crops. She hangs outside my bedroom with her 'sister' and a red dragon. I like to think she brings luck. Dewi Danu Like a figurehead, but longer and not fixed to any ship, she hangs outside my room, out of her … Continue reading Dewi Danur -Goddess of the Lake