Postcard of Flora


This is a fresco of the goddess, Flora, and was my favourite exhibit in the recent ‘Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum’ exhibition at the British Museum. She was rescued by the Bourbons, apparently, and was situated in the Vialla of Ariadne at Stabiae. She represents an archetype of Spring, in her saffron-coloured robe and carefree gestures, a contrast on the biting cold April day when I viewed her. That she has been so well-preserved, like so much of the other art and sculpture is something of a miracle.

Postcard of Flora

I’m writing it,
it’s freezing, in a pub
off Tottenham Court Road.

I count my characters
as though I’m tweeting,

‘Having a great time.
It’s snowing now.
Spring huh! Miss you.
No, I don’t ;)’ (60)

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