Soft Tissue

I  haven’t posted here for a while so am doing something about it.

Soft Tissue


 A woman turns her head,

her former lover turns towards a tall tree disguised as a woman,

the tree bowed two branches like the enfolded arms of a geisha,

the geisha turned towards the bamboo screen,

the bamboo screen allowed the interplay of shadow puppets,

the shadow puppets danced into each other,

the dance swerved itself in the direction of an oil tanker,

the oil tanker, thinking it was a ship at sea, turned towards a harbour,

the harbour was bound by yellow and black police tape,

the police tape turned towards the body in the water,

the water turned into a watercolour,

the watercolour turned towards the inappropriate frame,

the frame screamed at the museum-attendant,

the museum-attendant rolled a spliff,  turned up the volume on her i-Pod,

the i-Pod played 1,768 songs in a loop

behind where a woman turned her head

and the former lover rolled out an escape tunnel made of his own soft tissue.

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