Early train,midland city

Early train, midland city

You are bright new red hair
dyed so sunlight leaks through. singes your scalp.
And eyelashes. Yeah. Not from me.
I contemplate
false eyelashes…again
after, oh, some years,
see blue. Silver threaded; long insect-eyes,
filament-tipped, Insomniacs.
Both of us.you don’t sleep till 4,
I sleep, then at 3, 4 am wide-awake. four hours,
put this down to my lioness protection
of you, girl. Nearly nine months gone, awoken
by a gate creaking at 3, 4am,
saw the man in the garden,
haven’t slept properly since.
In Birmingham Bull -Ring we kept losing our way.
Walked in circles. The clothes,
my love, were gorgeous.


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