From a hotel window


View from a hotel window


Saturday morning, 9am. 

I’m looking into the arms, tails and legs

of a monkey-puzzle tree

and a bird I don’t know

seems to be telling me

Enjoy all this now!

A woman in a red fleece walks

her beagle along Ness Walk.

The river, flowing eastwards, also

has somewhere to go to.

Inverness: I find it as it is only more so. 


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  1. graytogrey says:

    I had a dog, a lurcher who was very good at the looking out thing, letting the world show you what it is. He’s gone now and I miss him, because we would sit and look together once he had taught me how to do it. I remembered him last September in Cornwall where we did a lot of the looking stuff together.

    Before we leave

    On Sancread Beacon it is all
    Rolling wet sky, burying
    Hill tops, hurrying
    Late gorse and heather
    Into black soil.

    Three buzzards rise and coil
    Beyond the tumuli
    Stirring the weather.

    He sits still with me,
    Damp nose to the wind,
    Anubis, my dog soul,
    Waiting for rain to fall.

  2. pamthompsonpoetry says:

    Yes, it’s an art that needs teaching!

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