January, Cardboard, Double-Cheese

January, Cardboard, Double Cheese

You carried it from the car on your lap-top,

then the new free-view box; toilet-rolls

and a bag of Christmas shoes. A girl fills

an upper window in the next block,

surveys you, latest news, in the week before term.

We’ve got another one back! Two lads

on your corridor. They’re dead happy

you’re there .You want to slip us off like worn

wristbands. We hover-we’re parents!-ask for tea.

Chris is planning your takeaway pizza;

the other will save. James isn’t really working sat

on that chair draped with Man U. High squeals

of joy as we leave. In the car, Amy is replaced by Muse: I’m freezing

and losing my way, don’t need another map of your head

I’m freezing

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