The Japan Quiz

The Japan Quiz

will be this Friday.

These web-pages are all you’ll have

                                          remember the fixed

                                                                 frame of the branches

                                                                 the blossom’s revelry

                                                                 the brush placed and stilled

                                                                 deep coral


the last days of the samurai

the rise of the merchant-classes

basic themes

                                         remember the slight

                                                                sway of the branches

                                                                a lantern dangling

                                                                its private landscape

are all you’ll have

apart from what we’ll talk about on Wednesday.


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  1. Love this piece. How do you decide how to position the spacing? It’s very effective – and so specific.

    Lovely imagery and love the detail – ‘rise of the merchant classes – basic themes’ quite a lot of humour to it.

    I love that you’re blogging poetry!


  2. pamthompsonpoetry says:

    Thanks, Lydia. The spacing was instinctive-just seemed right.It’s great to do this so I have to work quite quickly and go with first things which is good for me. I have a fixation about Japan anyway and found the title and first line and chose an image and took it from there.

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